Nearing The Finish Line

You have served faithfully for many years in ministry. You may now have a different opportunity to continue ministry in a part-time manner, or you’re gearing up for true retirement. In either case, our Retirement Plan specialist will work with you through this transition. We are here to serve you by answering your questions and assuring your lifetime benefits are deposited into your account each month. Give us a call when you’re ready to discuss your plan options.

Pension Benefit Payment Options

Our typical payment options are as follows:

1) Joint and Survivor: Offers the same amount of monthly benefit which is paid to the participant or surviving  spouse until death.   The Plan offers variations of this option.

2) Member Only: The monthly benefit is paid over the course of the participant's life.  When the participant dies, the benefit ceases.

3) Guaranteed Five or Ten- Year Option: Payments are guaranteed to for the lifetime of the participant. Payments will continue to the beneficiary upon your death if the guaranteed period has not been met.

Start With A Conversation

Your Retirement Plan Specialist will provide a customized  benefit option form which explains the various methods of pension payments available to you.

Typically we request 90 days notification to ensure for a smooth retirement plan transition.

Thank you for signing up to learn more about the Retirement Plan!